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There is a possible alternative.
We want a sensible work, traineeships and apprenticeships, a sure income and social security.
Information of the German Communist party
(Deutsche Kommunistische Partei, DKP)


Agenda 2010, That´s the declaration of bankruptcy of social democratic reformist policy. Working, but poor. Today hired, tomorrow fired. Everybody is responsible for his health and must pay in case of illness. Worked a whole life, but poor in the age. All must bring sacrifices for the companies and the rich people. Thats the message of the Red/Green government. They abolish our system of solidarity and destroy the idea of solidarity in our minds.

They are saying:
Social welfare has come to its limits. We can´t afford employment for all and social security. It is not reasonable to demand the financing of social security on equal terms. Poor people working, they say, are in the end better than unemployed people not working.

It is a fact:
Since the beginning of the eighties the gap between poor and rich is constantly increasing. Always more money for the rich - and always less money for every time more people.

That means more millionaires - and more unemployed. It must pay off again to offer a working place for people looking for a job write those who are safe and sure. Because they don´t belong to the 7 million, who every year change their jobs, the cry of flexibility comes very easy over their lips. As they are not affected, they can easily talk about a loosening of protection against unlawful dismissal.

But to get this accepted they must lower unemployment assistance and income support. The feeling of security must disappear to urge people to work under every condition. So they generate a climate, where liberals of the market convert social welfare to alms, replace aquired rights by charity- but in a society where everybody is in competition with his fellow man these doesn´t exist anymore. Social democrats and Greens of middle class talk of "benefits" and "improper use" not regarding the fact, that social welfare has never been part of the meals of the rich. The "envy of the propertied classes" is destroying solidarity and social welfare. A mentality of comprehensive insurance is reproached to people who can survive only with much efforts. Social security has not come to its limits due to beneficiaries exploiting social welfare but just on the contrary they are the looser in the fight of distribution between capital and work.

Federal government and companies have discovered the stone of wisdom. Employed and workers pay taxes for concerns and rich people. While one wave of dismissals is chasing the next, profits are pocketed almost without taxes. Millionaires who still pay taxes will change their tax adviser. This governmental manifestation is mainly financed by the money of the employed and of taxation of their consumption. Almost 2/3 of the tax total results from income tax and turnover tax, while by cancelling corporation tax a gap of 23 thousands of millions is torn in the national budget - every year. With abstention of property tax minister Eichel is donating 15 thousand of millions to the rich.

We say:
No exagerated thinking of ownership of workers and employed, that pensioners and sick are a burden of social welfare but in the contrary: Fonds of investment and pensions, concerns and banks have become an unbearable charge for state and society with their demands against all other producitve powers in society. The government fosters banks, concerns and the rich and is using for this purpose the money of the working people. Marking of the situation is not a lack of democracie and capital but a superflous on uncontrolled power of concerns and banks. It is possible to maintain and finance social systems, but it must overcome the interests of the capital.
The altercation has only started.

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